Tango K9 is a not-for-profit conservation organisation that utilizes the skills of specifically trained canines to assist in the conservation of endangered species and Africa’s wildlife in general. A recent shift in thinking within the conservation protection field has seen a resurgence in the use of specifically trained dogs.


The physiological abilities of these highly trained animals exceed what any technology can yet deliver. From cold spoor trailing of human scent to the detection of scent-specific contraband according to their training.


The K9 team is made up of a group of incredibly passionate and dedicated people, 5 multi-purpose K9’s and 3 dedicated trailing K9's. The multi-purpose K9’s are either Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd.


These breeds have proven to be the perfect all-rounders, displaying stamina when required and an enthusiastic work ethic.


The human-trailing specialists are from the Hound family.  Bloodhound and Coonhounds being the preferred choices.


Funding is one of the biggest issues we are currently facing caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has impacted South Africa’s international tourism sector.


Tourism funds much of the work we do and the ban on travelers and tourism operations has created a death of funding and donations on conservation efforts across South Africa as a high number of eco-tourism facilities are in or connected to a National Park or Game Reserve.


Compounding the problem is that many communities that surround the reserve previously relied solely on tourism for a source of income and jobs.


Due to the pandemic, there has been a devastating increase in unemployment and all the related stresses including the difficulty of providing food for their families.


This has resulted in a significant increase in not only rhino poaching but subsistence poaching and snaring, which has made the work of the K9 team all the more important.


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